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Computer Basics


Computer Basics

Objective: Students will be able to explain computer terms, describe different computer types, and identify computer operating systems.

Personal Computers


A desktop is a personal computer is used in one place. Desktops are always plugged in so they don’t need a battery.

A laptop is a portable personal computer with all of its parts packed into a single unit.

A tablet computer is a mobile computer that usually has a touch screen. Like an iPad.

personal computer (PC) is a general-purpose computer that's small, affordable and designed to be used by people at home, schools, or work.


The main board in a computer is called the

motherboard. Hardware such as processors, memory, hard drives and DVD-ROMs connect to motherboards.



CPU (Central Processing Unit) is like the brain of the computer.

Hard Drive (HDD)


Hard Drive of a computer stores the information like the OS and songs, movies, and other files.



RAM of a computer is its temporary memory.

Operating System

An operating system (OS for short) is the main software that runs a computer. An example of an OS is Windows7. iPads use iOS for their OS.

Data Sizes


? An mp3 song is about 7MB

? A DVD movie is about 7GB

? A report typed with Microsoft Word is about 100KB


A picture from a digital camera is about 4MB
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