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English III Vocabulary

Vocabulary for the week of September 23 with test on September 27

1. exacerbate (v) to aggravate, to irritate, to vex

2. extol (v) to praise, to glorify

3. fastidious (adj) reflecting a meticulous or demanding attitude, critical to an extreme

4. furtive (adj) secret in an underhanded way, stealthy

5. gregarious (adj) sociable or outgoing


Vocabulary List for the week of September 9

Quiz on September 13

1. benign (adj) not causing harm

2. capricious (adj) changing suddenly, fickle

3. dawdle (v) to waste time

4. defamation (n) act of harming another’s reputation

5. esoteric (adj) understood only by a small group or a select few


Vocabulary Quiz 5 (3)

For the Week of September 2 Test on September 6

1. antithesis (n) a direct opposite, a contrast

2. ascend (v) to move upward, to rise from a lower station

3. austere (adj) strict, stern; unadorned, ascetic

4. autonomous (adj) independent, self-contained

5. banal (adj) common, ordinary, lacking freshness, hackneyed

Vocabulary List 4 (2)

Starting this week both classes of juniors will use these lists.

Week of August 26, test on August 30

1. revere (v) to honor, to regard with respect

2. serene (adj) calm, placid

3. subtle (adj) delicate, elusive, not obvious

4. superfluous (adj) beyond what is needed or required, an overflow

5. taciturn (adj) quiet, not verbose


Vocabulary List 3 

Week of August 19

1. obscure (adj.) difficult to see

2. ostentatious (adj.) showy, pretentious

3. prodigal (adj.) wasteful, a person given to extravagance

4. repudiate (v) to reject, to disown, to disavow

5. reticence (n) restraint in speech, reluctance to speak


LIST 2 for the week of August 12

1. engender (v) to cause, to produce, to create

2. innocuous (adj) harmless, producing no injury

3. insipid (adj) boring snf stupid

4. lament (v) to morn or express sorrow in a demonstrative manner

5. laud (v) to praise, to extol

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