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2014-2015 Pictures

An act to change the common core standards to exclude the requirement of teaching evolution.


Section 1: This bill will stop the requirement to teach the theory of evolution. We believe the theory of evolution should not be required to be taught because of the lack of proof. Some people find it offending because they believe in other theories.

Section 2: Evolution – ‘’any process of information or growth; development’’.

Section 3: There will be no punishment for teaching evolution. The Board of Education will decide whether it will be included in each district.                                                                                                                             

Section 4: The Department of Education will be responsible for enforcing this bill.

Section 5: There will be no cost for this bill.

Section 6: This bill will go into effect the 2015-2016 school year.

       An Act To Designate Teachers As Security Officers Within Schools     


Section 1: This Bill would allow schools to designate teachers throughout the school to assume the role of Security Officers, who would be allowed to conceal a weapon with training. This Bill would not be for every teacher to carry a weapon. This could possibly save lives in times of crisis. Many schools today cannot afford to have a full time security officer.

Section 2: A concealed deadly weapon could range from a blackjack to a gun depending on teacher’s training. A security officer monitors sites to prevent harmful situations. They are responsible for maintaining the safety of an assigned location.  NRA – National Rifle Association.

Section 3: This Bill is an option for schools. There will be no punishment for schools who do not participate.  Under existing state laws, Schools could be fined for allowing teachers who are not trained to carry concealed weapons.

Section 4: The Kentucky State Police will be in charge of implementing weapon and restraint training. The Board of Education will be in charge of anything as far as designating teachers who qualify for the training.

Section 5: As of now, the Kentucky State Police does not have a course designed for this specific type of training that teachers would need to be considered for the position. The program would need to be designed and have funding from outside sources. These sources could include organizations such as the NRA.  For teacher to be eligible they would need their concealed weapons permit and training. The cost would be their responsibility.   The only cost to the state would be the development of the training program and facilities.

 Section 6: This bill will take affect the following school year.

An act to have metal detectors at all public school entrances.

Section 1: This bill would enforce metal detectors to be at all public schools’ entrances. The purpose of this enforcement is to keep all public schools in Kentucky safe. These metal detectors will prevent dangerous weapons and/or objects.

Section 2:    Walk through metal detector would be at one main entrance that all students must enter through each day. If the student is detected with a dangerous device, their punishment would include family counseling because of the action that has happened, and the fine will be determined by the Board of Education or the Court of Law in that community.

Section 3: Anyone not following this bill, will be fined for first offense. The fine will be in the amount of $1000, which is the cost of one detector. This money will then be used to purchase the detector by the state.

Section 4: The Department of Education will be responsible for enforcing this bill.

Section 5: It will not cost the state anything to pass. Individual schools will be responsible for funding the detectors.

Section 6: This bill will take effect in the 2015-2016 school year.



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