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With 1,100 kids at KYA conference it was an honor to receive these awards. These kids have worked so hard and we are so extremely proud to work with them and to be part of something so rewarding. 

Delegation of Excellence , Outstanding Speaker, Merit of Service, Bill signed by govenor.... Congrats

Bills - An act to require ID's for food stamps.

Bills :An act to require all Kentucky motorcyclists to wear head protection when driving on public roads.

Section 1:Kentucky motorcycle is any vehicle with only two wheels that is powered by a motor and has no pedals. Currently, motorcyclist in Kentucky are not required to wear a helmet. This bill will require all motorcyclist to wear a helmet while driving on Kentucky roadways.

Section 2: Motorcyclist that are given tickets for not wearing helmet will pay higher insurance rates.

Section 3: All law enforcement office will enforce this on their daily routes. Just as all motorist are required to wear a seatbelt. First offence will be a $100 fine. Second offence will require insurance company to raise your rates. Third offence will be suspension of motorcycle license for 3 month.

Section 4: This bill will be enforced by local and state law enforcement. No additional funding by the state will be needed to enforce this law.

Section 5: This bill will go into effect by January of 2016.


Bill: An act to renact the Homestead Act.

Section 1: The Homestead act is a previous bill that exempt Veterans from paying property tax.  A Veteran is a military service person who has retired from the military. The Homestead was a law signed by President Abraham Lincoln on May 20, 1862 to help Veterans after the war.

Section 2: This bill will reenact the Homestead Act for the state of Kentucky, which was dropped 1976. Todays Veterans struggle to pay daily bills necessary to live. This bill would make one less burden on them.

Section 3: This bill will not cost the state any additional money but will decrease the taxes taken in by the state. The state may need to raise property taxes by just 2% to make up for the difference.

Section 4: Any county in Kentucky that does not enact this bill will face a $550 fine.

Section 5: This bill will go into effect January 1st, 2016.


Bills:An act to make all Kentucky playgrounds handicap accessible.

Section 1: All children love to play on playgrounds. Until recently there was no choice for disabled children. According to the 2010 census, at least 20 million Americans are impacted by a disability. Now there are a number of different companies that develop accessible playground equipment  for handicap and disabled people. Handicap is a disabled child or adult who has restrictions on the ability to function physically, mentally, or socially.

Section 2: This bill will require playground accessible equipment to be added to all public schools in Kentucky. Playground equipment must be universal and fun for all school age kids. This bill not only adds wheelchair ramps but also at least one new play equipment for handicap children. 

Section 3: This bill will be enforced by the Department of Education. School will need to purchase at least one play item that cost around $5000 each. The schools may apply for grants through Disability Children Acts IDEA or fundraise for this money. 

Section 4:Any school not in compliance with this regulation will be given a warning and six months to correct the situation. After six months, the school will be fined $5000, these fund will go to buy equipment for this school.

Section 5: This bill will go into effect January of 2016


Bills: An act to require ID's for the use of food stamp cards.

Section 1: ID's must be a valid Kentucky issue drivers license or Identification card. Food stamp card is any government issued card used to pay for groceries. Food stamps are issued to low income families exchangeable for food.

Section 2: This bill will require all people to show identification before being able to use food stamp cards to pay for groceries. 

Section 3: The cost will be minimum to the state. The state should hire a few people to travel around and observe grocery stores to make sure that they are asking for ID a few times a month.

Section 4: Grocery stores not enforcing this bill will be warned the first time. Second offence will be $500 fine. Any offence there after in one calendar year will be $1000. Individual who are caught using someone else's benefits will be fined as well, $100 per offence. The individual that the card belongs too will get a warning first offence. Second offence could result in the suspension of benefits.





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