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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


I CAN describe how consumer actions (reusing, reducing, recycling) influence the use of resources and impact the environment.

Lesson 1:

View Discovery Learning Video: Reducing, Reusing, Recycling: Environmental Concerns

Go to your online classroom and open the document 5th 3R Viewer's Guide; save to home directory. File, save as, (Scroll the gray bar down), computer, name, (check the file name), save.

Answer the questions while viewing the video.

Formative Assessment:

Answer the following questions and BLOG your answers! Please answer using capital letters ONLY. NO periods; NO spaces!

EX. 1A

·       1. What does it mean if a notebook is made from recycled paper?
·       A  The notebook is made from inexpensive materials.
·       B  The notebook is made from nonrenewable resources.
·       C  The notebook is made from paper that was used before.
·       D  The notebook is made from materials that came directly from trees.
·       2. What are two problems with throwing away trash?
·       A  pollution and creating traffic
·       B  pollution and using up natural resources
·       C  running out of space and creating traffic
·       D  using up natural resources and attracting animals
·       3. Which is an example of a solid waste?
·       A  soil
·       B  trees
·       C  a tin can
·       D  polluted water
·       4. About how much trash does a family throw away every year?
·       A  3 pounds
·       B  14 pounds
·       C  200 pounds
·       D  5,000 pounds
5. Why are materials like toxic chemicals and oil not allowed in most sanitary landfills?
A  They do not dissolve in water.
B  They attract birds and other animals.
C  They can melt plastics and other waste.
D  They can pollute air and drinking water.
·       6. Which is one of the three R’s of solving the problems of solid waste?
·       A  reduce
·       B  resource
·       C  regulate
·       D  refine


Go to your online classroom and open the document 5th RRR Webquest.docx; save to home directory. File, save as, (Scroll the gray bar down), computer, name, (check the file name), save.

Click on the link below to begin your WebQuest!

1. Recycling reduces the need for what?


2. How is plastic recycled?


3. Why should we recycle paper?


 4. What is a UBC?


5. What can be recycled to help make new batteries?


6. What is the fastest-growing category of waste?


Formative Assessment:

Choose one thing to reduce, reuse or recycle at home. Write your parents a letter explaining why your family should reduce, reuse or recycle. Explain how it will help your family and the environment. Be prepared to blog your letter.

If you complete the WebQuest, you may recycle!







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