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Consumer Decisions Summative Assessment MC


Consumer Decisions Summative Assessment MC

I can recall information and connect what I learned in the Consumer Decisions Unit.

Open your CDSA file from your home directory.
Please answer MC as follows:

1 F (number, answer~CAPITAL LETTER) No periods PLEASE!
2 G

15 Multiple Choice~Blog your answers.
1. Which is not a service?
      A. haircut
      B. Internet
      C. Ipad
      D. Teaching

2. Which is true about supply and demand?
       A. high supply ~ high demand ~ low prices
       B. high supply ~ high demand ~ high prices
       C. low supply ~ low demand ~ high prices
       D. low supply ~ high demand~ high prices

3. Which should be considered when comparing prices?
     A. quality
     B. features
     C. price
     D. All the above

4. “Everyone is buying or using a specific good or service” is an example of which advertising   
     A. facts & figures
     B. emotional appeal
     C. endorsement
     D. bandwagon

5. Which advertising technique is represented in the photo?                    
    A. facts & figures                                                        
    B. emotional appeal
    C. endorsement 
    D. bandwagon 

6. Which advertising technique is represented in the photo?     
    A. facts & figures                                                          
    B. emotional appeal
    C. endorsement 
    D. bandwagon 

7. What are the three basic needs?
    A. Food, shelter, water
    B. Food, clothing, water
    C. Food, clothing, shelter
    D. Food, air, shelter
 8. Which is a good?
      A. cell phone
      B. doctor’s visit
      C. trash pick-up
      D. a manicure

9. Which is not a site that compares products and prices?
     A. Nextag
     B. Shopzilla
     C. Old Navy
     D. Pricegrabber

10. What is most important to consider when you are making a purchase?
      A. brand
      B. features
      C. quality
      D. how much $ you can spend

11. Which should you consider least before making a purchase?
       A. wants
       B. needs
       C. price
       D. warranty

12. Which is not a tip for being a smart consumer?
       A. Do your research
       B. Get a written copy of guarantees and warranties
       C. Get advice and price quotes from several sellers
       D. Buy it if you want it

13. What should you consider when shopping online?
      A. shipping & handling
      B. return policy
      C. coupons & promotion codes
      D. all the above

14. What should you not do after making a purchase?
       A. shred your receipt
       B. get your credit or debit card
       C. read all instructions
       D. take care of your product

15. Why is it important to keep up with products that have been recalled?
       A. so you can file a lawsuit
       B. so you can file a complaint
       C. it could save a life
       D. it might make you famous
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