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Consumer Decisions Summative Assessment ER


Consumer Decisions Summative Assessment

Choose 1 question to answer from 1, 2 or 3. Blog the NUMBER for your question along with your answer. Copy and paste your answer from your Microsoft Word document.

I CAN compare prices of goods and services.

   A. Name two ways you can compare prices of goods and services. 
      B. Explain how each one could help you to make a wiser consumer decision.

Scoring Guide

4   Named two ways to compare prices; explained how each could help make a wise decision
3   Named two ways to compare prices and partially explained how each could help make a wise decision
2   Named two ways to compare prices or explained how one could help make a wise decision
1   Named one way to compare prices or explained how one could help make a wise decision

 I CAN identify advertising techniques.

2.     A. List three advertising techniques.
        B. Explain each technique so that a second grader could understand it. 
        C. Give an example for each technique.

Scoring Guide

4   List three specific advertising techniques and explain them with   
     appropriate examples for each
3   List three advertising, mostly explain the techniques with examples for
2   List three or fewer advertising techniques with some explanation for each
     and fewer than 3 examples
1   List two or fewer advertising techniques with little explanation and 2 or
     fewer examples

 I CAN explain reduce, reuse and recycle.

3.   A. Explain the 3R’s, Reducing, Reusing and Recycling.
 B. Tell how and what we can Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Give examples for each.
C. Analyze how one of your answers in Part B affects the environment (land, air, water).

Scoring Guide

4   Answered A (explained), B (told how & what & included examples), and C (analyzed environmental affects) and made appropriate connections.
3   Answered A, B and C and made some connections.
2   Answered A, B or C with some connection to the other part.
1   Answered A, B or C with little or no connection to the other parts.

PLEASE put the number of the question you are answering with your extended response! After you have blogged your answer, you may do interactive educational activities! 
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